Mother’s Reflection

This event is often done with babysitting provided for mothers with small children. Marie performs two sets: the first on motherhood and the second on marriage. Because this event is all women, Marie can go deeper into the struggles that are unique to mothers in navigating marriage and family, drawing from some of her “private collection” songs, which discuss frustration and loneliness, as well as the supernatural value of these everyday difficulties. Marie encourages mothers to rededicate themselves to knowing their children well and embracing family life as the main event.

Couples Night of Romance

This is a married couples “date night” with candles, wine and cheese and sometimes a dance floor. Marie’s songs focus on the reality of married life, some serious reflections about difficulties and many playful story songs, encouraging couples to laugh at themselves. The concert can include several dance songs to bring couples out on the floor together. Often a parish will transform a cafeteria or a gym with “prom” decorations for the event.

Family Concert

This event is more spontaneous and informal and can work in an auditorium, a cafeteria or outside at a parish picnic. Marie’s songs are both down to earth and inspirational, some story songs and many high- energy “fun” songs for the kids. Marie encourages us to make family life the main event, and the home a sanctuary where family members feel well loved and well known, a refuge where they find kindness, forgiveness and a sense of humor. Marie reminds us that sacrificing for marriage and family is not stupidity or victimization, but the noblest thing we do.

Marie frequently teams up with her husband Bill, a psychologist and marriage counselor, to speak on marriage and family life issues. These talks are often peppered with several of Marie’s songs. Presentations include:

Family Life in a Frenzied World,
Transformation Through Irritation,
Warning: The Life You Contracept May Be Your Own,
Forgiveness in Marriage
Psychology of Marriage